Welcome to the ChinaHands world of Hotel Supplies.
With over 10 years of development, ChinaHands is now one of the most comprehensive hotel supplies manufacturers in China.

All our clients have benefited from the cost and time savings we can generate through our advice on cost control, project management and quality control.

Retained as Global Supplies Manufacturer for Hotels, Apartments and Restaurants etc., ChinaHands has successfully reduced the fitting out cost and running cost by 58%.

This combined with our experience in manufacturing, cost control and project management has resulted in their projects being delivered efficiently, more reliably, more consistently, at a lower cost and value for money.

Also, the advantages of appointing ChinaHands as SOLE Project Supplier include:-

1. A single point of contact for ALL project materials and supplies
2. Consistency of approach and delivery
3. Clarity of communication
4. Lower costs through centre sourcing and procurement
5. Minimal learning curve; and
6. Uniformity of standards