Welcome to the ChinaHands world of Hotel Supplies. This Web Site serves as a guide for selecting ChinaHands products including :-

Bathroom Products


Doors and Frames

Guestroom Accessories

Linen and Fabrics

Light Fixtures and Fittings

Tableware etc.

With over 10 years of development, ChinaHands is now one of the most comprehensive hotel supplies manufacturers in China.

Should you need products and materials for hotels, apartments, offices, airports etc., ChinaHands products will be your ideal choice.

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ChinaHands Global Hotel Supply and Manufacturing Limited provides high-quality non-food supplies at factory prices to Property Developers and Contractors of Hotels, Apartments, Restaurants etc on a worldwide basis.

We have invested in a number of factories in China including furniture, carpets, bathroom products, light fixture and fittings, linens, fabrics, ceramic tiles etc.

Our senior management have been involved in the hotel business for more than 30 years in various hotels, during which time they have obtained extensive knowledge of the hotel industry on a global scale.